Right from huge sized ducting for a zinc processing facility we design ,fabricate precisely bends, tees, dampers needed to ensure connection of gases to your equipment.

Scrubbers & Absorbers

We design scrubbers and absorbers depending on the stream constituents and what you need to be scrubbed /absorbed.Fine particles which do not get separated in cyclone separators can be attended to meet the emission norms of husk boilers.

Bio Gas Holder

Designed and manufactured for Delhi Energy Development authority for a 50 m3 bio gas holder meeting the alternate energy segment needs

Exterior Coffered Roof

Exterior maintenance free highly finished offered roofs give the life and the grace to five star hotels entrance car porches .Special equipment like laundry chutes are our other products for this segment .Fire Fighting water storage tanks ,solar heating insulated storage tanks are increasingly being used for energy efficiency.


These storage tanks give the extra benefit of thermoplastic lined construction to the user by way of providing life long leak detection system useful for carrying out preventive maintenance.Though a bit more expensive they pay for themselves many times over with much lower life cycle cost.

Prefabricated Houses

These are not temporary accommodation but provide you a maintainance free insulated energy efficient, with teak finish accommodation suitable for the coldest to the hottest climates again made custom designed to your needs suitable for beaches, plains, deserts,mountains

Chemical Tanks

We custom design tanks as per your requirement. Your needs of the capacity in M3/MT, Chemical to be stored, concentration. of chemicals, major and minor constituents, number of filling cycles, operating temperature, need for heating arrangement in the storage tank, need of vent scrubber, any other needs viz need of grounding. We are able to offer the best material of construction based on your above information and all our tanks conform to BS 4994. Any space restrictions if any at site also may be specified to enable us design the tanks within the space available. Special requirements like insulated tanks, tanks with heating/ cooling coils may be specified. Silos required for powders /grains.

Fume Exhaust Systems

Many places have these systems but they do not work. That is really sad that after the management expenditure the workmen for whom these systems are installed suffer due to bad design.Our USP is we design to ensure workmen comfort.Design is our strength.Right from custom designed fume exhaust sytems for your production line we ensure all the fumes get exhausted ,cleaned before being sent into your air space which keeps the air you breathe

EMI / EMC Shielded Mobile Shelter

These are special equipment meeting MIL specs for radar /communication emi/emc again custom designed for your needs.Civilian applications like mobile hospitals can be made very suitable for serving rural areas where basic environment needed for operations /testing ,doctor chambers do not exist.

Process Vessels

In addition to the above information process information to be carried out in the process tank help us design the process tanks to meet your needs. All tanks are manufactured with built in preventive maintainance facility for life of the tank. Many features which enhance the life of the tank are provided. Having manufactured cells for the cell house of caustic chlorine facility to large 150 m3 storage tanks we can manufacture tanks of virtually any capacity .

Centrifugal Blowers

Solid FRP impellers, dynamically balanced, to meet your needs of exhaust/blowers are manufactured in a manner to give you 24 hours maintainance free service.


Filament wound pipes in frp/pp/pvc/pvdf fully flanged provide you ease of maintainance and take care of your high pressure chemical service.

False Ceilings

Custom designed false ceiling like this one manufactured for A five star deluxe hotel bar bring the architects dream of shapes into reality.

FRP/PU Mobile Shelters

These are special equipment meeting MIL specs for radar /communication emi/emc again custom designed for your needs. Civilian applications like mobile hospitals can be made very suitable for serving rural areas where basic environment needed for operations/testing, doctor chambers do not exist

We take contracts for:

  • Epoxy Coating & Lining

  • Acid Proof/Flooring/Lining

  • Gas Sealing Compound for Distillery